Using the T-Bar. - 'Welcome' to one and all.

Using the T-Bar. - 'Welcome' to one and all. was created by Leigh Ping

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Hello and welcome to all members, guests and visitors,

There's lots going on at the T-Bar. Some of it is just for fun. The more serious stuff can be found in the 'how to' guides section (the big orange button on the left centre of your screen), the 'Glovebox' (top right + drop down menu), or by using the 'Searchbox' (top right of your screen).

We like fun. Just don't go too mad with it ;). Lots of hard work has been done here to benefit the Worldwide MG Community, both old and new. Feel free to post questions at any time. Or, make a post to introduce yourself if you like. The guides, pictures, videos and docs are free for you to see and to enhance your experience here. You may even add your own, once you become a member. That's also free too by the way. :)

If you hear a popping noise, that's the Shoutbox (top right area). You can get 'Live help & discussion' there, if it's available at the time of asking. If you are a bit of an expert, or just want to pick up some knowledge, then give one of our many quizzes a try.

The internet is a free country and our boundaries here are relaxed within reason. So welcome from the T-Bar and enjoy the experience. It's why we're all here. :broon:
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